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Equipment Hire

Welcome to Hogg Brothers’ Equipment Hire!

Rent your construction and building equipment from Hogg Brothers. We offer a vast array of equipment to handle all your site needs and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the same machinery. Included are:

Hogg Brothers provide the right combination of equipment to tackle your building and construction needs. We have expertise stretching back to the 1970’s giving our staff a vast amount of on-site experience to know what will and what won’t work on a project. Place trust in our industry knowledge and rest assured that we have what you need, to get your job done.

Hogg Brothers excavator-working-sunset

Renting From Hogg Brothers

Hogg Brothers' excellent communication, quality equipment maintenance, honesty, and integrity are just a few of the reasons we are the equipment rental company of choice.

Our clients include large top-tier contractors who need apparatus for highway and railway projects in and around Melbourne. Our products are also a hit in and around Victoria with builders using Hogg Brothers to help develop large-scale properties.

We also provide rental options for the government and homeowners taking on DIY projects on their land.

Our rentals are used for multiple projects such as:

  • Railway works
  • Compaction
  • Levelling
  • Excavation of swaps and foundations
  • Transportation of materials of all kinds
Hogg Brothers Machine on site
Hogg Brothers Excavator banner image

Hogg Brothers Offer Nationwide Equipment Hires

Equipment needs can happen anywhere. That’s why Hogg Brothers fulfils the equipment hiring needs for clients throughout Australia. Our stable of road trucks let us bring heavy equipment anywhere in the country.

Our expertise in the building and construction industry makes us the right choice to complete your national project. 

Call us for a quote today for your project, no matter the site’s postcode.

Local Equipment Hires

Our Australia-wide services are great, but that’s not all we do.

Hogg Brothers provide equipment rental service throughout the Melbourne region. We handle dozer hires, excavator hires and other construction machinery hires for Pakenham, Melbourne, Geelong, Traralgon, Ballarat, and Victoria. Operating from the Melbourne region gives Hogg Brothers superior knowledge of the local area, providing a level of intelligence to conquer challenges these lands have to offer civil engineers, builders and others.
Hogg Brothers Terex PT80 Skid steer

Contact Hogg Brothers

Call us or send an email today. Hogg Brothers will provide a detailed quote that considers rental equipment, travel and any other details. There will be no question what you get or how much it costs. It’s our goal to provide you the very best in rental equipment services.

Contact us or send us an enquiry 

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