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Welcome to Hogg Brothers!

We Offer End-to-end Construction and Building Services

Hogg Brothers have been a leading provider in the construction industry field throughout Melbourne for more than a decade. Customers return to us time and time again for our quality workmanship guided by our expert knowledge, honesty, and integrity. It’s what we’re known for.

Hogg Brothers Services

We have a solid reputation for completing projects throughout Victoria with expertise that’s second to none. Our service area includes Melbourne, Geelong, Traralgon, Ballarat, Victoria and our hometown of Pakenham. However, if a job’s right, we’ll travel anywhere in Australia. Take advantage of our years of experience in the building and construction arena with Hogg Brothers’ services.

Hogg Brothers is an earthmoving company with the right equipment to tackle any job, no matter the size. Services we provide include land clearing for subdivisions, onsite timber milling, heavy haulage, and quarry and mining. Our experts have a solid background in earthmoving with years on work sites completing projects. No earthworks puzzle is too tricky. Chances are, we already know the answer.

Hogg Brothers Grader CAT 12H

Hogg Brothers have the trust of the building community when it comes to civil contracting and so should you. Our experts have been involved in a number of government projects including freeway construction and other transportation projects. Whether it’s a multi-million-dollar development or a commuter train project, Hogg Brothers have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Hogg Brothers offer sandblasting services that bring any exterior back to life. Our powerful high-pressure abrasive blasting tools are just what you need to remove rust or paint from a stubborn surface. In addition, our tools can be used to clean years of gunk off the walls of an ageing building -- all this while following strict safety guidelines.

Hogg Brothers sandblasting

Safety First

Hogg Brothers take great satisfaction in knowing safety is the number one concern in all of our projects. It’s essential in our line and we treat it that way. All of our equipment meets or exceeds all Australian health and safety standards and our procedures follow strict protocols. For a complete full list of safety features of our equipment or services, call the Hogg Brothers' team.

Hogg Brothers Work Anywhere

Hogg Brothers handle local and national projects. We can float equipment anywhere in Australia if necessary for the right job. Our expert staff can provide their knowledge wherever the job is located.

Call or email Hogg Brothers today! Get a quote on the services you need to complete your next building or construction project.

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